Things that i miss…

Your smile, your smell, your blue eyes, your shining pink lips smelling cigars, asking for ‘caipirinha’, yours so black pants, your shining blue T-shirt, your white skin, your hairly chest, your small fingernails, your Vogue sunglasses, your underweares, your fingers perfetcly drawned, your blonde hair, your arms, you saying my name and calling me, I miss feeling you looking at me when I was passing by next to you just for you look at me, asking if I like coffee, see you smoking Hollywood, you speaking portuguese, asking me if I want something, see you everyday after or before school, chillin’ with you, you teaching me your lenguage, taking me to outside of the party and for party’s bathroom, listening to your musics, teaching me how to dance ‘tuca tuca’ and anothers italian classics, your ‘bom dia’ at morning that changed my whole day gettin’ better, your hug, the way that you reject things you don’t want to, how you make me get jealous, playing at my iPod, sitting right here to make me listen to your musics and watch your videos, I can almost see you singing: ‘Ma ‘ndo vai si la banana non c’è lhai?’, sitting at my computer’s chair without a T-shit what made me get so fabulous to see all that, saying to me things about italy, your personal life and your friends, showing me your tattoos, so many things that I cant ever forget… I miss you. I’LL MISS YOU FOREVER.


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